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WOMEN ON THE MOVE, Los Angeles City Hall
WOMEN ON THE MOVE Resource Center


WOMEN ON THE MOVE transforms a 26-foot truck into a mobile billboard and resource center to address sexual assault, harassment and domestic violence. Our current emphasis is on:

  • The particular challenges faced by women whose experiences are the most marginalized: those who often fear reporting due to retaliation, fraught relationships with law enforcement, stigma or fear of detention and deportation.

  • The link between domestic violence and gun violence, shining a spotlight on women who are often forgotten – those shot and killed by intimate partner violence. In fact, it isn’t strangers, friends or acquaintances who pose the biggest threat to women – it’s those they date, marry or partner with.


  • The past and present mistakes of white-centered feminism by insisting that fortifying the movement means centering the voices of those consistently dismissed or left out of the conversation -- women of color

  • Side one of the truck reads: Why don't survivors report? Fear of victim blaming, law enforcement, shame, stigma, retaliation and deportation.


  • Side two of the truck reads: Fortifying the fight to end sexual assault and harassment demands including the voices of those most marginalized.

TV Boston
WATCH News Coverage on NECN, Boston
Video by Han Sung Lim, The Tufts Daily - The independent student newspaper of Tufts University
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Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio

Sia Nyorkor, Cleveland 19 News, reporting on WOMEN ON THE MOVE

WOMEN ON THE MOVE expands beyond the confines of traditional classrooms and museums to connect with those affected by sexual assault and domestic violence in neighborhoods that lack resources and therefore cannot easily avail themselves of workshops and contemporary art of this kind. We interrupt the visual landscape, traversing each city before stopping at shopping malls, schools, parks and other public spaces where people congregate. In each location, we’ll create public "pop-up" events including street interventions, workshops and video screenings. 

Participants have access to an artist-designed resource center equipped with video, oral histories, educational information and artwork. In addition to workshops and “pop-up” events, volunteers will engage people in conversation and answer questions about the issues. Free  artist-designed posters will be distributed.

Watch news coverage.
WOMEN ON THE MOVE and the Cosby verdict.
News Coverage of WOMEN ON THE MOVE by Sia Nyorkor, Channel 19, Cleveland,  day of the Cosby verdict.


  • Did you know that Black women are often reluctant to report domestic violence due to their fraught relationship with law enforcement?

  • Did you know that undocumented immigrant victims of sexual assault must weigh seeking help against deportation?

  • Did you know that 44% of lesbians and 61% of bisexual women experience domestic violence or sexual assaults?

  • Did you know that transgender people face alarming rates of sexual violence?

  • Did you know that 1 in 71 men in the United States has been raped in their lifetime?

Celebrating the kick-off of WOMEN ON THE MOVE
Out and about in Boston, MA
IMG_4000 ercopy.jpg

Heading 2

Boston, MA

Information table, Cleveland, Ohio

Surv Web Detail.png
Right: detail of billboard
Below: detail of billboard
Right: postcard front
Below: postcard back
Scroll down for Spanish
Backside billboard
and postcard
Victim Blaming poster 
Look Beyond Whiteness poster

Right: postcard in Spanish


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The early stages of this project were in collaboration with the #NOTGUILTY Campaign and Ione Wells. 
Special thanks to Gary at Go Graphics, Los Angeles and Sia Nyorker for their ongoing support.
Thank you to our kickstarter funders!

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