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Victim blaming occurs when the victim of sexual assault, domestic violence or any wrongful act is held responsible for the harm that befell them. Victim blaming is the re-traumatization of the sexual assault, abuse, or rape victim through the responses of individuals and institutions. Types of victim blaming include: disbelieving the victim's story, minimizing the severity of the attack, and inappropriate post-assault treatment by medical personnel, law enforcement or other organizations. Victim blaming is especially common in cases of drug facilitated, acquaintance, military sexual trauma and statutory rape.

VICTIM BLAMING, offset poster 18 x 24"


This poster invites viewers to look beyond the transparent layer of white ink and pay attention to the magazine covers, protest pictures and images from popular media addressing domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment. LOOK BEYOND WHITENESS also addresses the past and present mistakes of U.S. white-centered feminism by insisting that fortifying the movement demands centering the voices of those often dismissed or left out of the conversation -- women of color.

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LOOK BEYOND WHITENESS, offset poster 18 x 24"

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