VEHICLE FOR CHANGE (VFC) transforms a 26-ft truck into a mobile billboard and resource center addressing jail reform and incarceration alternatives in L.A. County. 


LOUDER THAN WORDS is partnering with PATRISSE CULLORS and two organizations dedicated to jail reform and the plight of the incarcerated, Dignity and Power Now (DPN) and Reform L.A. Jails (RLAJ). Cullors is an artist, organizer and freedom fighter. She is a Cofounder of Black Lives Matter, Founder of DPN, and Coalition Chair of RLAJ.

The project capitalizes on a rare opportunity -- the March 3, 2020 California Primary where constituents can vote yes on the Reform Jails and Community Reinvestment ballot initiative. RLAJ gathered an astonishing 247,720 signatures in support of this L.A. countywide criminal justice reform measure.

The truck will travel throughout L.A County promoting passage of the 2020 ballot initiative, registering voters, educating, participating in healing justice events, and interrupting the visual landscape with billboards addressing the prison industrial complex. Other aspects of the project include participatory nomadic seminars, performances, posters, videos and a multimedia resource center. Additionally, spoken-word artists, policy makers and public figures will participate. 

During Phase II, the emphasis shifts to developing concrete strategic plans for de-carceration, incarceration alternatives, the crises of mental health, sexual assault, unnecessary force, drug dependency, and chronic homelessnessBy the project’s conclusion, the online educational resource will contain curriculum for youth and adults - including lesson plans for our seminars Understanding the Prison Industrial ComplexUnderstanding Prison Abolition and Media Culture. LTW’s Media Culture seminar is revised to be more pertinent, focusing on the media’s representations of law enforcement, the incarcerated, the justice system, and POC. The online resource will also include video-lectures, project documentation, interviews with participants, and updates on prison reform developments in L.A. County – all in an effort to create a model educators, civic leaders, policy makers and advocates across the country can access. 

A schedule of events will be posted in December 2019.