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We donate all or our materials to individuals and organizations for free. To request BE FREE posters, please visit our contact page and we can connect you with Beagle Freedom Project. Or send  us your mailing address and tell us which posters you want to receive. Other posters are available to download and print. Posters are scaled for 11x17" LASER copies — they look great and they're cheap. Also, they are designed so that you can blow them up larger and they will hold clarity. Go to a FedEx or similar. Click on the poster title below to download the pdf.

Organizations that want large quantities of posters should  contact us via  our contact page.

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BE FREE, offset poster 18x24"


Buying cruelty-free products is a great way to say no to animal testing. It’s easy; just look for a Leaping Bunny or Cruelty-Free icon. Or better yet, download the Cruelty Cutter app from the Beagle Freedom Project, which allows you to scan barcodes to see if a product has been tested on animals.

70,000 dogs undergo nightmarish lab experiments yearly in the U.S. alone. 96% are Beagles. Chimps, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, cats, rats and fish are also used to test cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household products, dog and cat foods and pesticides and in toxicology testing and medical research. This occurs despite the fact that proven, effective alternatives exist, including computer modeling and in vitro and cultured cell testing. Science favors these alternatives because they're more conclusive, but animals continue to be used in the U.S. because they're more "affordable." 42 countries have banned or restricted testing cosmetics on animals, including the E.U., U.K., Australia, Guatemala, India, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway and South Korea.

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