A collaboration with A Window Between Worlds



I CAN WE CAN (ICWC) is a socially engaged art project created by A WINDOW BETWEEN WORLDS "to strengthen, connect and expand the community united to end domestic violence and sexual assault.” This ongoing participatory art project has engaged over 10,000 people worldwide. 


The first phase included an exhibition curated by Moridpour at Gallery Neuartig in San Pedro, CA in April 2012. The second phase of ICWC began during Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2013. LOUDER THAN WORDS created posters and a series of projections in LA County  broadcasting the I CAN WE CAN initiative while sparking dialogue, community participation, and solidarity. 


With leadership from the Center for the Pacific Asian Family, Rainbow Services, and Women Shelter of Long Beach, the project includes text and resources in 8 languages.

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Site#1: Long Beach public projection
Site#2: San Pedro public projection

Site #1: Long Beach public projection, in collaboration with the Women's Shelter of Long Beach

I CAN Nedano caption.png
Details of motion sensitive audio installations. Light Boxes turn into mirrors as soon as they detect movement. Designed by Moridpour.