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A Socially Engaged Art Project Addressing Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

The Art Gallery @ Glendale Community College, Glendale, CA, February 2016

NOTE: After viewing this page, please visit CAN YOU SEE IT NOW? to read more about this project and view additional artworks.

Documentation of bubble-tent quilting workshop, Glendale Community College
Nomadic Seminar with LEAD BY EXAMPLE video in background
ENGAGING MEN, youth performance by Peace Over Violence
Crystal Clear by LOUDER THAN WORDS
Quilting workshop, The Art Gallery @ Glendale Community College
LEAD BY EXAMPLE video, 4:18 min, 2016

Installation view


"I loved it. Very powerful and such an inspired way to get people talking/thinking about domestic violence — topics which are rarely discussed, let alone in such a public way. It is beautiful and moving. I am looking forward to future art projects from this collaborative."


"This was an amazing project to happen at the college to open this important conversation to everyone. I especially like that this wasn’t framed as a 'women’s issue' and made sure to discuss how men need to help to bring about change."


"A wonderful and thought-provoking exhibition that inspires both women and men. Thank you for this powerful work." 

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NOTE: After viewing this page, please go to CAN YOU SEE IT NOW? to read more about this project and view additional artworks.


This project is funded by: The ASGCC, The Center for Cultural Innovation, The Art Gallery @ GCC, LOUDER THAN WORDS and many friends, family, students and colleagues who generously donated. We would like to thank Peace Over Violence, Allan Jeffries Framing, Donna Edmiston, Peter Scott, Lorena Ochoa, Jaime Rosas, Glendale Community College, the GCC Health Center, and the GCC Feminist Society. Special thanks to our seminar participants:  Eve Sheedy, Kenny Green, Mieko Failey, Natalie Samarjian, Kelli Dillon and Karyna Gonzalez

Animation artist and creative advisor: Pouya Afshar

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