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Please visit Beagle Freedom Project  Get a 6x9" postcard!
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Read below for information on what you can do to help.
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Help pass important legislation: The Humane Retirement Act (H.R. 2850, 116th)

BFP has championed this law in numerous states and it now has a chance of becoming the law of the land.


Please send postcards (yes, snail mail is read) to your representatives, colleagues, and friends so that Beagle Freedom Project’s legislation, the “Beagle Freedom Bill,” aka the “Right to Release,” will become a federal law. This legislation requires laboratories and facilities to offer dogs and cats for adoption after the experiments and testing have ended, instead of killing them, to a humane society or non-profit animal rescue organization like Beagle Freedom Project. 


Click for more information on state and federal progress of the Beagle Freedom Bill.

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